Frequently Asked Questions

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Amplify is an automated tool that helps you grow your social media accounts. It allows you to follow, like and unfollow automatically. You can customize how you want the Amplify bot to run including specific filters that allow you to choose not to engage with celebrity accounts, business accounts, inactive accounts and more!

Amplify is so customizable that you can even choose not to follow accounts with specific words of your choice in their profile usernames or bios!

Amplify is a user-centric tool. That means that YOU have full control over how you want the bot to run. Our online platform is very easy to use. You do not need tech know-how to run your own bot! Simply edit the settings and run the bot. Then sit back and wait for it to work!

If you are looking to grow your social media account then Amplify is for you! Be it to gain more followers, increase exposure for your business or get more likes on posts. Whatever the reason, Amplify can help!

There are 3 price plans available to choose from; Bronze, Silver & Gold.
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Right now, we only work with Instagram accounts but are working on integrating more platforms. Check back again for any updates!

This depends on your bot settings and what you do with your Instagram account. You can get banned from Instagram without using automation. If your Instagram account is less than 6 months old, we recommend you subscribe to our Bronze and Silver price plans. Please see question 11 for more guidance on using your account while Amplify is running.

Editing Bot Settings

This is the section where you can edit your bot settings according to your own preferences. You have 3 pages (follow, like and unfollow). On each page, you select a mode and then edit the available filters to suit your needs.

Depending on your price plan, you will be able to work with different filters and levels of customization. See our price plan page for more.

Filters allow you to choose what accounts you do not wish to engage with.

E.g. When you turn the Celebrity Account filter on, the Amplify bot will not follow celebrity accounts.

If the account's following to follower ratio is too high we recognize it as a fake account.

Bot Operations

As long as you submit your bot settings, it should run without you having to keep the page open.

Sure! You can still post, send DMs, scroll through photos and more! But we recommend minimizing the amount of times you likes posts and follow accounts so as not to interfere with the bot. The bot will be handling these anyway!