"Marketing without data is like navigating without a compass"

Without quantifiable insights, even the best marketers can get it wrong.
Our user-friendly analytics helps you devise the right strategy to build your brand.

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Interactive charts allow you to view and discover post engagement rates, follower profiles, posts performance & more...

*Graphs taken from actual analytics.

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Posts Engagement Trend

Analyze the likes and comments of each post. Both historical trends and the latest ongoing trends are captured

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Most Valuable Followers

See who are your top followers who have the most likes and comments on your posts and engage them further

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Follower Profile

Discover how many of your followers are business accounts, private accounts, celebrity accounts, fake accounts & active accounts

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Daily Growth Trend

Track the number of new followers, new likes and new comments each day to perfect your Instagram marketing strategy

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Post Engagement Comparison

Overview of all likes and comments on posts by post type. Benchmark against your own historial performance

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Competitor Analysis

Compare your Instagram performance with your choice of competitiors on post engagement rates, post frequency & follower count

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What people are saying about us

Testimonials from our customers on how the DCS Amplify Analytics has helped them better manage and build their Instagram accounts

"The most user-friendly platform I've used in the analytics scene! The color scheme and simple interface makes for a great UX design. Also, information on engaged audience is an immensely helpful for brands to identify their main target audience."

- Simon artist @iznzmy

"The functionality of this service is amazing for anyone with an Instagram -- it's extremely useful and convenient, absolutely perfect to receive all the analytics you need and want. Highly recommend for all serious influenecers!"

- Andrew college influencer

"Helpful and prompt support when needed. Took a while for me to understand all the myraid of data but received a lot of guidance and support from staff. Daniel always responds very quickly regarding any inquiries or feature request."

- Tara marketer at Plannista